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The ANC UK regular newsletter covers all the latest updates on our critical work, furthering the Armenian Cause in Parliament and fighting for Armenia and Artsakh’s security. You can sign up to the ANC UK newsletter here and receive our updates on Armenian issues in the UK straight in your email inbox. Below, you can find all of our newsletters to-date, with summaries of the topics that they cover:

ANCUK Newsletter #10 Icon

Newsletter #10

  • Armenian Genocide commemoration events in Parliament
  • British MPs attend Armenian Community events
  • ANC UK’s lobbying efforts to prevent trade with Genocide perpetrators
ANCUK Newsletter #9 Icon

Newsletter #9

  • Upcoming Armenian Genocide Recognition events in the UK
  • Social media campaign for Genocide Recognition
  • ANC UK’s parliamentary work to free Armenian POWs
ANCUK Newsletter #8 Icon

Newsletter #8

  • Azerbaijan’s propaganda campaign on the London Underground
  • Arman Tatoyan’s speech to Parliament in the UK
  • Preparations for Armenian Genocide Commemoration in London
ANCUK Newsletter #7 Icon

Newsletter #7

  • ANC UK meets with the newly appointed British Ambassador to Armenia
  • Census 2021 Campaign – Write ‘Armenian’ under ‘Ethnicity’
  • ‘Write to your MP’ Campaign to free Armenian POWs
ANCUK Newsletter #6 Icon

Newsletter #6

  • ANC UK Trade Bill Campaign
  • Parliamentary Report on the situation in Artsakh
  • Condemning Britain’s Ambassador to Azerbaijan
ANC UK Newsletter #5

Newsletter #5

  • Commemorating the Baku Pogrom – 30 years on
  • Fighting against the Grey Wolves’ racism in the UK
  • House of Lords stand up for Artsakh’s future
ANC UK Newsletter #4

Newsletter #4

  • ANC UK event with Tim Loughton MP
  • Cooperation with leading UK Bishops to protect Artsakh
  • Raising awareness surrounding Artsakh’s security in the media
ANC UK Newsletter #3

Newsletter #3

  • Parliamentary Debate on Artsakh
  • ANC UK meets with the HALO Trust
  • Cooperation with humanitarian organisations working in Artsakh
ANC UK Newsletter #2

Newsletter #2

  • ANC UK on the November 9th Ceasefire
  • Lobbying to prevent Azerbaijani kidnappings of Armenians
  • Work with humanitarian organisations to help with the dire situation in Artsakh
ANC UK Newsletter #1

Newsletter #1

  • ANC UK’s pro-peace campaign – 300 MPs responded
  • ITV interview with Tim Loughton MP, Chairman of the APPG on Armenia
  • Working with the APPG on Armenia in Parliament to fight for a stable peace in Artsakh

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