ANC UK welcomes the new Armenian Ambassador to the UK

Dear Members of the Armenian community in the UK,

Thank you for your continued support of ANC UK in our efforts to influence and guide British policy on the issues of Artsakh and the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. This month we welcome the new Armenian Ambassador to the UK, Varuzhan Nersesyan, wish him great success, and look forward to close cooperation on issues concerning Armenia in the UK.

Over the last few weeks we have been working with MPs on a number of issues, inlcuding the renewed Azeri activity in Shushi, Azeri incursions on Armenia and more recently the Private Members Bill on the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Find out more below.

Our campaign: Recognise the Armenian Genocide

Labour MP John Spellar, who recently joined the APPG for Armenia, introduced a Private Members’ Bill for the Armenian Genocide recognition. Over the next few months we will be coordinating closely with Tim Loughton MP to develop a campaign for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide and will keep our followers/supporters informed.

While it is not clear whether the bill will be debated in the Commons, ANC will be working tirelessly to get as many MPs as possible to support the Bill ahead of its second reading on 12 December 2021. With your help, we will be able to gather the necessary support in Parliament.

You can help by getting involved in this campaign directly by working to contact and lobby your MP to vote positively. Over the next few weeks we will be producing a series of campaign materials and information to help you do this.

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Varuzhan Nersesyan has been appointed as the Armenian Ambassador to the United Kingdom. ANC UK wishes him a warm welcome and great success.

Our actions on your behalf

Over the last few weeks, we have continued to raise our concerns with the government and raise awareness through media coverage and events. Here are the actions we have taken on your behalf:

  1. The  APPG  officers and members sent a letter to the UN security Council regarding the Azerbaijani incursions in Armenia (Syunik and Gergharkunik)
  2. Tim Loughton MP has received a response from the UK government against Azerbaijani aggression outlining their stance on Azerbaijan’s continued retention of Armenian POWs and illegally stationed troops along the Armenian border.
  3. ANC UK prepared a letter that APPG officers sent to Chapman Taylor, a British architecture firm currently involved in the reconstruction of Shushi, arguing against the company’s involvement given that Shushi is an occupied teritory.
  4. Our two interns from the UK, Nvard and Rita, started their internship with the ANCA’s Leo Sarkissian Internship program. The interns have been taking part in an eight-week intensive program designed to give them the tools necessary to effectively advance issues of concern to the Armenian community at various government levels.
  5. It was important to aknowledge that the UK did not particiapte in the visit of foreign ambassadors to Azerbaijani occupied Shushi on the 10-11th July 2021. ANC UK sent letters of thanks to the UK Foreign Office, and the Minsk co-chairs thanking them for refusing Azerbaijan’s invitation to visit Shushi.
  6. Rupa Huq MP, member of the APPG for Armenia, raised the question of Armenian Genocide Recognition and Azeri aggression in the Commons by asking: “Will the UK follow US our closest ally and recognise the Armenian Genocide?”. Read the full question and response on the Hansard.
  7. We issued a joint statement alongside Cypriot and Kurdish groups condemning Turkish aggression in Southern Kurdistan. The letter stated:
  8. “In light of Turkish support for Azerbaijan in the 44-day war with Armenia last year, the Turkish state’s general stance in its bordering regions can only be described as aggressive. Further, persistent reports show that the Turkish military deploys chemical weapons and uses jihadist mercenaries in conjunction with their own military efforts.”
  9. ANC UK met with several Labour MPs to discuss a number of issues, including the recent EDM and the Armenian Genocide Recognition Bill. The MPs reaffirmed their support for the Armenian cause and discussed Labour’s involvement in the APPG for Armenia

We continue to raise awareness of the security issues of Armenia and Artsakh by briefing the APPG members and the FCDO.

ANCA interns, including Nvard from the UK, near the Capitol Building
in Washington DC

How you can help


1. Did you know that Azerbaijan and Turkey spend millions of pounds on anti-Armenian lobbying? ANC UK is the only pro-Armenian lobbying organisation in the UK and currently operates on volunteer capacity. If you value our work and want to help us succeed, please donate to ANC UK. As we start our work around the Armenian Genocide recognition Bill, your help will be even more important.

2. Write to your MP using a personal message, with a compelling story of why the issues of Artsakh and the Armenian Genocide matter to you, asking them for a meeting. If you secure a meeting, ANC UK will be happy to brief you ahead of this and provide you with any necessary materials.

3. Get in touch with us by responding to this email if you are interested in becoming a rapid responder, giving you the opportunity to be more involved in our campaigning work and allowing us to use your name in contacting MPs quickly and directly.
4. Get in touch if you would like to engage with your MP on the issues of Artsakh and the Armenian Genocide and would like support in contacting them.

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