About ANC-UK

The Armenian National Committee of the United Kingdom (ANC-UK) is the most influential British-Armenian grassroots organisation. Working in coordination with a network of offices, chapters, and supporters throughout the UK and affiliated organisations around the world, ANC-UK actively advances the concerns of the British-Armenian community on a broad range of issues. The main goals of the ANC UK are:

  • To foster public awareness in support of a free, united and independent Armenia;
  • To influence and guide UK policy on matters of interest to the British-Armenian community;
  • To represent the collective British Armenian viewpoint on matters of public policy, while serving as liaison between the community and their elected officials.

The Armenian National Committee of UK is active in a number of areas and engages in a wide variety of political and educational activities, including:

  • Securing UK recognition of the Armenian Genocide and ensure the appropriate commemoration of the Armenian Genocide within the UK
  • Initiating legislation on issues of concern to the British Armenian community, such as strengthening Armenia as a secure, prosperous and democratic state, increasing UK aid levels to Armenia to promote economic and democratic development and increase trade between Britain and Armenia
  • Encouraging Turkey and Azerbaijan to lift their blockades and adhere to international standards for human rights and humanitarian practices
  • Supporting Artsakh’s right to self-determination and independence within secure borders and securing direct UK aid to Artsakh
  • Participating in the UK electoral process by educating elected officials about British Armenian issues and providing British Armenian voters with up-to-date information about the positions of candidates on British Armenian concerns.