ANC-UK has closely reviewed the ceasefire agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan and we: • Condemn the unjust ceasefire terms and land grab of Armenian territories under the trilateral declaration
Nov 14, 2020
The officers of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Armenia have written to the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, condemning Turkey and Azerbaijan's aggression against Armenia and the danger that it po
Oct 7, 2020
The following statement about Azerbaijan's aggression against Artsakh is from Baroness Caroline Cox: Following the launch of a massive land and air offensive involving massive rocket, artillery, dr
Sep 29, 2020
Below is a press statement from the ANC-UK on the latest developments in Artsakh: In the early hours of Sunday 27th September, the armed forces of Azerbaijan launched airstrikes against
Sep 28, 2020
Dear Prime Minister, On behalf of our Diasporas in the UK, we are writing to you regarding the UK-Turkey trade negotiations that are underway. Whilst the UK-Turkey trade talks progress, Turkey h
Sep 4, 2020
The following letter was written to the BBC in protest at the biased article ‘Nakhchivan: The World’s most sustainable nation?’, written by journalist David McArdle, which covers up cultural genocide
Aug 17, 2020
On 23rd July, Tim Loughton MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Armenia, wrote a letter to the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab calling on the UK to take action against Azerbaijan's
Jul 25, 2020
As an officer of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Armenia, I am extremely concerned about the current situation between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and particularly that this is taking place during t
Jul 20, 2020