Joint Statement on the Genocide Amendments to the Trade Bill

February 12, 2021

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ANC UK has come together with our Cypriot and Kurdish allies in the UK to unite behind the Genocide Amendments to the Trade Bill, or amendments 2B and 3B, issuing the joint statement below.

Joint Statement on the Genocide Amendments to the Trade Bill

The Armenian, Cypriot, and Kurdish communities in the UK deeply believe that Britain
should not trade with genocidal regimes.

The UK should show moral courage and leadership by accepting the revision of
Amendments 2B and 3B of the Trade Bill in relation to agreements with states accused of
committing genocide or crimes against humanity, which is now due to return to the
Commons. This would send a clear message to the world that our country will neither be
complicit in genocide, human rights abuses and crimes against humanity nor support
those who perpetrate these heinous crimes.

Moreover, we believe that the perpetrators of genocide and crimes against humanity must be
brought to justice for these most serious international crimes, which regrettably continue
with impunity.

Instead, the UK Government should not hesitate to affirm the principle that the UK will not
trade with states involved in genocide and crimes against humanity, and the UK
Parliament can support this through their consideration of Lords amendments on Tuesday 9

We urge our communities to contact their Conservative MPs and implore them to vote for
these amendments.

This vote will take the UK one step closer to sending a clear and strong message to
perpetrators of these crimes.

Armenian National Committee of the United Kingdom
National Federation of Cypriots in the UK
Kurdish Peoples Democratic Assembly of Britain
Peace in Kurdistan Campaign

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